Beto Ruiz Alonso - Oldest School

I bought my first SLR when I was 19 years old. It was a Pentax K1000 and I spent every cent of my savings on it. I remember holding it for the first time and thinking “you just spent everything you had on this, better make something out of it”.
The next morning I was up early and saw this amazing sunrise, the sky was full of small clouds and it looked epic (I’m bummed that I can’t find that shot now, but this was the 90’s after all, it’s been a while).
That was the first photo I took with the Pentax, and the beginning of me taking photography seriously. I was in San Francisco last month and went up to Treasure Island, where I found this sky. It’s not a sunrise but it has that same larger than life feeling, like an announcement of great things to come (and it also showcases one of my favorite cities in the world).